Welcome to Bez frází, a writing platform that removes the media barrier between Czech athletes and their fans, providing you with an unfiltered look at their careers, lives and stories.

Bez frází means no clichés in Czech. It’s also our philosophy. We’ll bring you stories that you haven’t heard before, and you’ll hear them in the athletes’ own voices.

Bez frází is a place where Czech sports figures share the most intimate, embarrassing and proudest moments in their lives. The stories are genuine — authentic narratives of the athletes whose careers have inspired you.

Bez frází was co-founded in October 2016 by Radim Vrbata, an NHL veteran of 1,057 regular-season games. Since then, Bez frází has published six books and more than 200 stories. Throughout several movie documentaries, two podcast series, and live events, Bez frází has taken fans behind the scenes for an up-close look at their favorite stars.

The English version of Bez frází contains select stories from Czech athletes whom you may know by their achievements. You can find the entire line of original Bez frází content on the Czech version of the website.

If you wish to contact us, please write on pribehy@bezfrazi.cz.

This is a limited english version of our website with only a part of our content written in english. You can visit the full version in czech.